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The next generation of social

A new social video platform that connects clients with service providers, networking with creative professions & artists - all through engaging videos.

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About Artent

A social video platform that offers a place to share online services and find networking through engaging and entertaining videos.

Whether you're an artist looking for the right photographer, a musician looking for a new band member, or a producer looking for a singer for your upcoming song.

Artent makes finding talent quick and easy. 

Just upload your stuff onto the app and let it do the work! All of your skills are neatly arranged so anyone viewing your profile can easily see if you're the perfect fit for their project or not. 

No more searching endlessly through different social platforms to find what you need.

Think about a cross between LinkedIn, Fiverr, and tiktok all rolled up into one slick-looking app.

A space for networking between various artists, talents, and Professions.

Present offer for your services in a simple and accessible way 

Social media entertainment platform that connects all types of people in an innovative and convenient way.

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For freelancers

The world is changing, people are no longer as interested in just reading what they're looking for, they want to see it - quickly and easily.

It's one thing to read about your business and the benefits you provide, but It's easier (and more appealing) if you can show people what you're offering right away; instead of having them rely on words alone.

Create videos that display your work in addition to telling your story, so clients are able to relate both to your skills and also your values.

Our vision is to provide the latest social media services app needed in this modern society!


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For creative professions

Creative professions are often stereotyped as a job where adults make money out of their hobbies, but we know that there are a lot of things going on under the surface.

It might seem like creatives have a straightforward path to success, but there are many challenges they must face:

Finding new clients takes time, as does networking and making the right connections. These relationships you make along the way are invaluable. You might think that it's all about your talent, or how hard you work - but really it comes down to who you know and trust. - This is why we created Artent.

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For artists

We want to provide you with all the tools necessary to create a successful career.

Social networks are the place to get exposure to new audiences and build your fan base with the goal to earn money from your art and music.

In the end, you have to run between many platforms for different needs to promote your work.

 We want to make the process easier for you and for your followers.


In progress


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  • Whitepaper

  • Ecosystem Infrastructure

  • MVP

  • Social media and communities

  • 4000 user’s waitlist

  • Start developing the full version

  • 10,000 users waitlist

  • 3,000 Artists

  • Tokenomics

Artent Team

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Daniel Efter

Co-Founder & CEO

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Avi Frid

Co-Founder & CPO

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Liat Gal


We are working With the Best Clients and Partners
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