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For Artists

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If you are an artist, musician, content creator or any other creative profession - this is the place for you!

we want to provide you with all the tools you need to make your work more efficient and profitable:

- Easy way to find collaborations with other talented people.

- Networking with the top experts in your field.

- Offer your services. 

- Deeper connections & added value from your fans.

- Reaching a new audience.

- Management Tools to increase efficiency and profitability.

We are just getting started and we have many unique ideas that will make an impact. However, we are aware that every field is different from the others. This is why we plan to enter each industry separately; starting with the music industry.

For Musicians 

Artist Page

Create your own unique profile page to track new audiences and convert them to your website, music platforms and other social channels.


Easy way to find and connect with different talents, creators and professionals who will help your career grow exponentially.


Get funds from your fans and let them help promote your next album 

Monetize your revenue

User-friendly dashboards to track all revenues from different platforms 


Distribute your new music on all major digital platforms through Artent

NFT Marketplace

Upload limited edition music as an NFT collection and sell it on our marketplace


Get paid the royalties you never knew existed, find additional revenue channels to increase your profits 


Create your own space on metavers, jem with other musicians and create real time shows! 


eCommerce integration allows you to create and sell your own branded merch, show tickets and more.

Future Plans


Coming soon

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A platform that connects artists from all disciplines - musicians, artists, comedians, dancers, etc.

Today, if you want to make it big in the industry, you must learn different skills besides playing an instrument. You need to know how to publish and distribute your music, maintain yourself as a business, establish your brand and promote yourself on social media- all of which costs you time and money.

Without these things, it's impossible for anyone today to succeed in the world of music.

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